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Magnetibook Alphabet inglés

Autor: Varios
Editorial: Janod

Encuadernacion: Caja
Lengua: Inglés

Styled like a book, this sturdy magnetic box has a magnetic lid that sits open for ease of use. Choose one of the illustration magnets and then try to spell it with the alphabet pieces. This clever educational toy is small enough to sit on your lap and because it is magnetic it is also handy for restaurants and travel. The set comes complete with 26 illustrated pieces and 104 letters.

Edad Recomendada:
Mayores de 3 años · Mayores de 6 años

Categoria perteneciente:
Conocer y aprender · Inglés · Juguetes educativos

16.95 Euros
(4% de I.V.A. incluido)
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